Slackware Install

virtual box disk space 32 gb,memory 512 mb,set slackware iso as dvd option

use cfdisk and use dos for partition, main partition write and swap partition write

type setup

select target as main partition use dvd as source and start installing

format the partition

select ext4 as file system

select source install from slackware cd or dvd

select standard packages and full install

select boot manager as LILO and option simple

select standard as screen resolution

set UTF-8 text console as No

select LILO on MBR

select imps2 as mouse port

enter machine name

enter domain name

select network protocol DHCP

select startup services

select timezone

select window manager

set root password and reboot

If u want to configure further later

type netconfig

select dhcp if using virtualbox otherwise set static ip

type xorgsetup

simple menu driven configuration script that auto-detects most hardware

installing nodejs on slackware

slackbuild link is

Step 1 - Download

Download the SlackBuild archive of the application you wish to build and extract it in your build environment

gunzip and then tar -xvf

cd nodejs-bin

check the *.slackbuild for the version number and edit if needed

switch to root -> sudo su

chmod +x nodejs-bin.SlackBuild


this will create node package in /tmp directory

goto to tmp and run $installpkg pkgname

then check if node is present

$node -v


download and install sbopkg tar gz file using installpkg command

installpkg sbopkg.tgz

then use sudo sbopkg which will open the sbopkg browser

search for pkg say ranger add it to queue and then install from queue

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