After installing Open Distro Elastic Search (check the Open Distro website for instructions) test using

curl -k -X GET 'https://localhost:9200' -u username:password
journalctl -u kibana.service
this will show recent 50 lines
journalctl -u kibana.service -n 50

Filebeat YML

#=========================== Filebeat inputs =============================


# Each - is an input. Most options can be set at the input level, so
# you can use different inputs for various configurations.
# Below are the input specific configurations.

- type: log

  # Change to true to enable this input configuration.
  enabled: true

  # Paths that should be crawled and fetched. Glob based paths.
    - /var/log/*.log
     #- c:\programdata\elasticsearch\logs\*
   # - /var/log/nginx/*.log
 sudo ntpdate


Check filbeat config file using below

sudo filebeat test config

1.Filebeat had issues even after above config was right so wokaround was #### Delete or rename the existing registry files in json /var/lib/filebeat/registry for DEB and RPM packages

c:for the Windows zip file

data.json  and meta.json

2.Use the OSS version of Filebeat with Open Distro

filebeat.yml add this otherwise filebeat doesn’t seem to connect to elastic search Once this is working then we can look at investigating ssl and certificates

  # Configure SSL verification mode. If `none` is configured, all server hosts
  # and certificates will be accepted. In this mode, SSL based connections are
  # susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Use only for testing. Default is
  # `full`.
  ssl.verification_mode: none

check status of ES Cluster

 sudo curl -k  https://localhost:9200/_cluster/health?pretty -u username:password

Kibana status

curl -XGET http://localhost:5601/status -I

This helped in making filebeat work finally

sudo filebeat setup -e --dashboards --pipelines --template

In Kibana for setting indices

Create an index teamplate using dev console
use POST command
Create an index pattern

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