I use VIM on Linux and VS Code on Windows usually but of late using VS Code on Linux too

UPDATE switched back to VI found VS Code good but consuming more resources

VIM is powerful and has a lot of plugins the one i use is NERDTree plugin which is a file explorer and is handy.

Also modifying the .vimrc file really helps

set your alias for example alias py=‘python3’ in the .bashrc file

copy your .vimrc file from /home/ec2-user/.vimrc to /root/.vimrc this will make your vim settings reflect when you use sudo with vi to edit files.

h left l right j down k up

0 start of line $ end of line

x delete one character dd delete line

u Undo r replace character

visual mode press ctrl v to select block of text and then use p for paste

dd delete line and then p for paste (this works like a cut and paste)

/ followed by word to search will help search and n will go to next word for example /todo will show instances of word todo in the current opened file

** NETRW **

Netrw can be used using :Lexplore or :Vexplore





Levee linux editor

$ apt install levee this installs levee a lightweight linux clone of vi editor

VSCODE on Linux

download deb file usually its called code*.deb

$sudo apt install ./code.deb

$./code # starts vscode

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