Windows Terminal is a multi-tabbed terminal emulator that Microsoft has developed for Windows 10 and later as a replacement for Windows Console. It can run any command-line app in a separate tab. It is preconfigured to run Command Prompt, PowerShell and Azure Cloud Shell Connector.

Hyper is an Electron-based terminal

How to set up your Hyper-terminal environment to use Powershell as default. Only for windows

Open .hyper config file from Hyper terminal
Go to the menu
Click edit
Click Preferences
Open .hyper config file from File Explorer
Go to C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\Hyper
Open .hyper config in editor
Add Powershell.exe location
Scroll down to the shell argument in the .hyper config.
Replace the value after shell: with "C:\\Windows\\System32\\WindowsPowerShell\\v1.0\\powershell.exe"
Remove --login from shellArgs:[]. --login argument will prevent Powershell from opening.
Reload Hyper Terminal
Close Hyper terminal and restart Hyper
Or click View  and click Reload or Full Reload
Powershell should now be running as default in your Hyper terminal