Action Key Combination


Dock window on the left Alt + [

Dock window on the right Alt + ]

Maximize window Alt + =

Minimize window Alt + -

Move window to center of screen Alt + Shift + =

Close current tab Ctrl + W

Close current window Ctrl + Shift + W

Move to a specific tab within a window

Ctrl + 1 (or any number representing a tab’s position)

Open the Chrome browser menu Alt + E or Alt + F


Open link in a new tab Ctrl + Shift + click the link

Open link in a new tab in the background Ctrl + click the link

Open link in a new window Shift + click the link

Go back to previous page in your history Alt + <

Go forward to next page in your history Alt + >

Go to the very top of a page Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + Alt + up arrow

Go to the very bottom of a page Ctrl + End or Ctrl + Alt + down arrow

Page down one screen Spacebar or Alt + down arrow

Page up one screen Shift + spacebar or Alt + up arrow

Start a new Google search from a tab Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E

Focus on the address bar Ctrl + L or Alt + D


Open the task manager Search + Esc

Make everything on screen larger Ctrl + Shift + =

Make everything on screen smaller Ctrl + Shift + -

Open the Files app Alt + Shift + M

Open the status bar/notification panel Alt + Shift + S or Alt + Shift + N

Turn Caps Lock on and off Alt + Search

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