Argus a simple monitoring system

Argus monitor on Springdale Linux

Springdale Linux based on RHEL 8 was used install is the same as centos

SELinux caused issues with argus web interface working

use journalctl –b to see whats in the logs the other log to check is /var/log/audit/audit.log

use ausearch,semodule and sealert to troubleshoot create a new policy and reboot to fix this

Use old version of perl mentioned not the one which is in the yum repository

Argus is a simple monitoring system it is at


  1. verify that you have the prerequisites installed

    Note: there are issues with some versions of perl on some operating systems, see bugs.html for additional details.

    Alternatively, ndbm, odbm, sdbm, or gdbm can be used, but they have not been extensively tested.

  1. unbundle the tarball

  2. run ./Configure if upgrading from 3.2 or later, you can run ./Configure --upgrade

  3. answer any questions it asks

  4. run make

  5. as root, run make install

  6. create 2 files in the data directory:

    1. config
    2. users

in addition to the documentation, the tarball contains examples in the 'examples' directory.

  1. configure your web server

  2. start the argus server by running argusd or install the rc.argusd script as appropriate for your system.

  3. check the argus log file ($datadir/log) and/or your syslog logs to verify that argus is operating correctly.

  4. load the argus cgi interface in your web browser, and verify that everything is configured correctly.

  5. argusd to start argus

Argus comes with a argusctl program which can be used to control or get data from the running argus server.

For a list of poorly documented commands that are supported, you can run either: argusctl help or argusd -C

Some examples of useful commands:


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